1999 Kiralyudvar Tokaji Eiswein Lapis (RT100) The exceptionally rare, nearly impossible to find 1999 Kiralyudvar Tokaji Eiswein Lapis, a single vineyard ice wine, is utterly mind-blowing! With a whopping 207 grams of RS/liter, which you would never guess, this dessert wine reveals a profile of remarkable stature where the acidity is fresh and rejuvenating with every sip, yet the sweetness plays point/counter point in an endless game of tug of war. Kiralyudvar only produced this wine in 1999 and has not had favorable conditions for producing ice wine in the 24 years since making this is a one of kind offering. They made something in the vicinity of 1000 bottles. Its deeply golden hue gives way to an impressive bouquet that morphs and changes endlessly in the glass, it’s a bona fide shape shifter. Notes of deeply ripe yellow peach, dried apricot, furmint raisins, and an endless cornucopia of late harvest Fall delights emerge of the glass. The palate is where it really soars and it reveals dessert wine sweetness one second, and blistering terroir richness and earthly delights the next. Savoring this magical wine is a once in a lifetime experience, I am humbled, honored and forever grateful to stand in this wine’s legacy! Drink now-2040+