1999 Argiano, Brunello di Montalcino (RT93) Can’t help but stir up a hint of controversy with the 1999 Argiano Brunello, as this bottling predates the exposure of the Brunellogate scandal with Argiano being one of the initially named culprits. Ultimately Argiano was acquitted of charges, and in my view this bottle reinforces the pure Sangiovese Grosso make up of this wine. Showing a classical translucent faded garnet hue, the bouquet evokes a sense of rural Tuscany with notes of sous bois, hints of spice, dried red berries and a pressed floral element. On the palate it is medium-to-full bodied, that expected weightlessness, excellent acidity and a long, smooth, silky tannin-laced finish. Archetypal in every sense of Brunello. This bottle was SO’d for day and followed for two nights being served directly from bottle. Drink now-2026