2014 Sebaste, Barolo Riserva, Ghé (RT 95+) Barolo Ghé, harvested from a sub plot of the Cerretta Cru, is their Riserva. It is a bottling only produced in worthy vintages and in limited quantity with a miniscule 800-1,000 bottles total production. In 2014 it was produced as a challenge to see what results it might yield. A combination of soil, clonal selection (only the michet clone is used) and low yields results in a premier quality bottling, even in the challenging vintage like 2014. Crafted from a mere one cluster of grapes per branch (3 clusters per vine) they trim the extremities of the cluster for the highest quality. The results are remarkably different than their classic Cerretta bottling, which shows power and purity of fruit. Here the result reveals a sensual earth-driven bouquet rich with ripe dark spicy plums, black cherry, pan iron minerality and sous bois. This is a burly, masculine wine that shows delicious, broad scaled fruit and a power-packed, mouth coating texture. I can’t wait to taste the 2015 and 2016 of this wine. A truly prolific bottling, drink 2014-2044+