Thanks to all the loyal supporters over the past 4+ years for my home-crafted web pages which I’ve affectionately called my website! It was hardly that! 

Today I am pleased to announce the launch of my new, completely overhauled, official website.

The new and vastly improved Rick Thompson Wine website has been reorganized in multiple ways to include the following:

  • A complete redesign of the home page, which will prove significantly easier to navigate and is far more attractive.
  • A functioning search bar where you can look at wine reviews and articles to find tasting notes, scores, and feature articles. Please pay attention to producer name spelling.  
  • My new logo is now incorporated on the home page. 
  • Updated info on my Review Philosophy featuring a section on Things to Consider When Opening a Bottle or Reading a Review, my thoughts on Ratings and the current state of Wine Critics at large, and a brief piece on my background as a wine professional and my world outside the vinous culture.
  • Individual areas to feature Reviews/Articles where I’ll profile producers and what’s new in their wineries, new releases etc., Hot Picks, and From the Cellar reviews.  

What to look for moving forward?

  • With the launch of this new site, I’ll be ramping-up my review activity, frequency of posts, and working with a growing number of producers as I broaden the wines I’m reviewing.
  • I’ll be staying focused on the areas already highlighted in my logo, so if you’re a producer in one of those regions and would like to have your wines reviewed, please reach out to me using the contact link in the upper right corner and we can arrange to review your wines. 
  • Retailers & customers – if you’re new to the site please sign up using the Follow Rick Thompson’s Reviews email entry bar. I do not commercially share any of your email addresses, so you can trust they will remain private. 
  • For the time being this site will remain free of charge.  

Special thanks to Grace Gamble for her design and implementation of this new website. 

There’s much more coming soon, so stay tuned. 


Rick Thompson